Monday, June 29, 2009

Two poems by Ralph-Michael Chiaia

by Ralph-Michael Chiaia


Bombay is a cool word, one of those place names that really means something—like Tikal, Cairo, Baghdad, Machu Pichu. Why would they want to change it? Marakesh, Southampton, Alicante, Oaxaca, Port-au-Prince, Manila, Fiji.

My name is Vejay, I come from Bombay
Thy now want to call it Mumbai
Persia, Iran, Ho Chi Minh, Saigon
what will they do to Dubai?
Who knows? I say. I don't care anyway, cause:
My name is Vejay, I come from Bombay


Man Drawing Butterfly

I drew a butterfly
I drew you
drawing a butterfly
slain after he drew the sword.
Slain butterfly drawn here
once I drew
a sword on you, so
you wouldn't draw a man
drawing on a butterfly

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