Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rambleons by Christian McKay Heidicker

by Christian McKay Heidicker

The skin-colored creatures crawl from my mouth
and set to work
on anyone listening.
They knead tender muscles,
lick armpits with feathery tongues,
or plunge their needles into throats.
There are the eyeless who find soft places between breasts and legs.
I see what they do and I am ashamed.
I call to them, tempt them back into my jaws . . .
But they are children, mesmerized by the mischief their fingers make.
They don't last long, these Rambleons.
They wither up, raw chicken left out in the sun,
leaving brief delight and scars indefinite.

Author bio:

Christian's work has appeared in the Japanese publication Ashita Sanuki (travelogues designed to assist lost and confused foreigners), and his short film 'Open' premiered at Sundance and aired on HBO for three years. He currently writes a bi-weekly comic at (10,000 visitors at the height of popularity) and reviews music for SPIN magazine.

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