Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Things Seem (Flash Fiction) by Daniel Crocker

What Things Seem
by Daniel Crocker

Mark pushes Scott's wheelchair into the Save-a-lot. The Save-a-lot is where poor people get their groceries. Or frugal, people. It doesn't really matter. But it's where Mark and Scott go. At the frozen foods they stop and chat with Mr. Buchard. Scott wears a small diamond earring. Mark and Scott live in a small town up North. Let's say it's in Michigan and that they often wear flannel.

Everyone loves Mark and Scott. They are the best of friends. Mark, they say, is a saint. He pushes that wheelchair all over town and never complains.

Mark and Scott buy milk. They buy bread. Everyone loves them. Especially Mark. Because Mark is a saint.

They shop every Saturday. They nearly always see Mr. Buchard. When they get home, Scott stands up. They go to the bedroom. They make love and their moans are delirious.

Author bio:

Daniel Crocker is a renowned theif and gambler--he's also the author of a few poetry collections and a few fiction collections. Once, he was the fastest dishwasher in the world.


Zahwa said...

That was awesome. Never saw that ending....

Anonymous said...

And the writer laughs at the reader for thinking this is worth reading . . .