Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two poems by George Anderson

Two poems
by George Anderson

Making Dad


‘Hey dad, tell me that story again
about my birth-
you know, about how mom started to contract & how you didn’t know how to drive at the time & how she set off anyways towards the city how she sometimes had to stop the car & take HUGE breaths in and out until the cramps subsided’

Requisition the corpse
ensure all legal & financial documentation is in place-
extract the required DNA cells
obtain donor eggs &
with syringe- draw the nucleus from each, place next to the deceased’s material & zap them with a 240 current

If the cells don’t fuse-
increase the voltage;
of the 50 or so resulting embryos
9 or 10 should survive
of these, expect most to die through
miscarriages or abortions caused by severe abnormalities

‘I remember sitting beside your mother all night long & into the next morning and afternoon massaging her back helping her to deal with her pain. I was thirsty confused exhausted & having no family here it made us realise early that we could really only rely upon ourselves’

‘Dad tell me- is it true you were there at my birth?
me squirming out like a hot red fish
into the bath my bellybutton clamped
by a yellow peg
my cries raw & as genuine as those photos in our family album’

After confirmation of your electronic payment we will certify by email that the dozen or so surviving embryos are genetically those of your deceased father -if you wish to proceed further in this matter do not hesitate to contact our friendly human resources retrieval team at Dad.com


Out the Window

He threw out the
wIndow tradition
al noTions of what
a poem Can or can
not be he stuDied L
ocan bArthes focAu
Lt could diStinguish
a siGnifier from a se
lf Reflexive object w
asTed most of his yo
Uth elUcidating witt
geNstein’s tractActat
us lOgico-philosopH
icus stumBling much
later into donsKer’s t
heorY where G(X) or
was it B(F(C)) morfs
into a brownian bridg
e/ a Priori/ what is con
ceivable/ the toWer of
babel confounding lan
guage he knew everyt
hing and nothing thou
ghts like particle theor
y swirling brimming in
his mind the sun expan
ding until one morning he

Author bio:

George Anderson grew up in Montreal and now lives in North Wollongong, New South Wales. He has published in about 100 mainstream, children and alternative magazines over the last six years. His latest collections of poetry are ‘Dancing On Thin Ice’ published by erbacce-press (2008, UK) and ‘Walking On Water’ Perspicacious Press (2008, Australia).

Check out erbacce-press’s sales page of this work on:
Erbacce Press.

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