Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Purse (Fiction) by Jim Harrington

The Purse
by Jim Harrington

It wasn’t until he pulled the chair out that Josh noticed the purse. He looked around the food court and saw no one coming his way. He slid the handbag onto his lap as he sat and glanced once more at the people near him. Certain no one was watching, he opened it.

*Looks like one the ex used to own,* he thought. He peered into the bag and noticed a folded piece of paper with writing on the inside.

“You were great the other night. I get excited every day just thinking about how many times you aroused me. I can’t wait until Friday,” it began. Josh continued to read and felt his cheeks heat up. He hoped no one noticed. He laid the note on the table and dug further into the purse. His blush increased when he pulled out the packet of Trojans, followed by a Pocket Rocket and a spare package of batteries.

*Wow, this broad must be something.* He stuck the objects between his legs and continued his search. The rest of the items in the main pocket were tame in comparison. He unzipped the side flap and found a wallet. He looked in the money compartment and was surprised to see five one hundred dollar bills.

*Naughty and rich,* he thought. *Maybe rich enough that she wouldn’t miss a measly five hundred.* His eyes swept the food court. Thoughts of the money faded as he shifted in his seat and felt the secreted items rub against his legs. *Or maybe she’d like a thirty-something boy toy.* Josh smiled.

He speared a piece of General Tso’s chicken with the plastic fork and slipped it between his lips. He savored the spicy flavor for a moment, then closed his eyes and fantasized about the purse’s owner. At first, the woman was a typical teenage fantasy, but then her hair darkened and became shorter, her breasts shrunk and her hips widened. When he imagined her on her hands and knees, he felt a sexual stirring. His reverie was interrupted by a familiar voice behind him.

“Young man, I believe that’s my purse.”

Josh turned and choked out his reply.


Author bio:

Jim Harrington is a retired librarian embarking on a new journey. His writings have appeared in Apollo's Lyre, Baker's Dozen Literary Review, Bent Pin Quarterly, Long Story Short, MicroHorror, Static Movement and others. His story, “Sons of their Fathers,” was chosen for inclusion in the Bewildering Stories’ 2007 Quarterly Review. You can read more of his stories at Jim Harrington.

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