Sunday, December 28, 2008

Photography by deepintheforestcat

Rooting Trees


Dragon Riding on a Cloud

Cat Tail Under a Stormy Sky

Sheet Music

Artist's note: "I'm a being of nature. I am closer to trees and animals than I am to my kind, man. I fear man but do not fear a wild, or even vicious animal. I cannot explain why that is. The forests are my house, the skies my ceiling, the animals my brothers and sisters. I have traveled the world. I have read much and I feel so old, so ancient sometimes even though I'm not that old yet. I'm a little child who plays in the summer meadows and who can for hours be fascinated by a butterfly on a flower, a worm in the grass or a snail in the soil. I love classical music but also love the music of certain hard rock groups. This is the music I could listen to forever: Forest Murmurs from Wagner's Siegfried, Conversations With Bill Evans by Jean-Ives Thibaudet, The Visitor by David Lanz, A Stream With Bright Fish by Budd/Eno, The Other Side by Steve Roach, Dawn World by Coyote Oldman, A Forest by The Cure, Sous Bois by Emmanuel Chabrier, and many more."

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June Nandy Chaudhuri said...

Class de excellent. The sheet music is beautiful.What a lovely thought.