Friday, December 5, 2008

Math (Poem) by Jane Chakravarthy

by Jane Chakravarthy

Coffee cold I shall warm it by my hand
a fire flame runs through my veins
and an ice cube I melt

quick calculations
two and ten, make fourteen
the cacti pricks my fingertip
and I bleed upon the shelf

boots old with a heel that's worn to see
skin matured, and creased like pastry frozen
upon the street I feel alive

I smoke another corridor of dreams and yesterday gone
the book in the garbage, it's always
at the bottom of the bin

quick calculations
two and ten make twelve
the cacti pricks my fingertip
no blood upon the shelf
that is clean

Author bio:

Jane Chakravarthy is a visual artist and poet. Jane's work is an exploration of her inner consciousness, creating her work is spiritual / emotional catharsis for her. She likes music, reading and vegan carrot cake. Jane's poetry has or will appear in the Divine Revolution, The Luciole Press, and The Wilderness House Literary Review, Zygote in my Coffee. She is the author of Love, its Wrath and Others, a collection of poetry and artwork. Her website is located at: Jane Chakravarthy.

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