Friday, October 3, 2008

Two poems by Emme Hor

Two Poems about Rothko and Rosenvasser
by Emme Hor

I was the meat
Rothko and Rosenvasser were the bread
I sauced, creamy dressing
mustard-honey vinagrette on lunchmeat
they were lightly toasted
and soggy in the middle


Rothko and Rosenvasser
hate each other
each spits when he
hears the name of the other

Author bio:

Emme Hor was born in Malaysia. She has a degree in Law and in Ass-kicking. She looks like a smokiing hot supermodel, standing over six feet tall. She was once offered 10,000 dollars to take a Bukkake. Whether or not she accepted can be neither confirmed nor denied. If you compliment her on her poetry she may sign a picture of her ass for you as a souvenir. See more at Em Hor.

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