Sunday, October 5, 2008

Three poems by Tod Leverton

Three Apocalypses
by Tod Leverton


the great beast laughs-lunges
furiously whips its tail
spews out its entrails
the stars drop like rain
the laughable geometry of angles
right, obtuse, slight
and everything is gathered up again
like a hand cupping grain
and spewed out into the vast empty
the interstellar vomit
is stuck to the blank of the deep
and all is formed again
only awaiting the next passage
through the serpentine intestines
of the beast.



death smells like a woman
string of pearls around her neck
and rose petals in her cunt
death dribbles-saliva
dangling at the corners
of the mouth-a lecherous
old man with white
hair and black pubes
touching his limp dick
the damp rotten smell of sex
dangling in the breeze
like a guotine blade
death is the nervous cumshot
into the eager hand.



my body is a lake
a party but all the guests
are sullen
streamers and pieces of soggy cake
float in the shallows.

my body is an invitation
but none have r.v.s.p'd
and I sit in numerous closets
forgotten, unwanted and gathering dust.

my body is an 'if only I had'
and all of my potentialities
are pieces of hair
from my balding head
curling up into dust bunnies.

o dust
o drought
o dry season.

The savanah is thirsty.

Author bio:

Adam Tod Leverton is a Canadian Ex-pat who lives and works in Poland as a English teacher. He has been published a few times, and looks forward to being published a few more times. His work can be found at Adam Tod Leverton.

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