Sunday, September 21, 2008

My collective t.v. unconscious by Melanie Browne

My collective t.v. unconscious
by Melanie Browne

My collective tv unconscious
Lies behind tin foil wrapped
ping pong ball Dog ears
Sexual tension between
Mary-anne and the professor
The crust from
Ann Romano's

My collective t.v. unconscious
Is giving birth by itself in a field
With a whiskey soaked rag
Gripped between its teeth
To relieve its pain.

It is Laura Ingalls
Adopted brother Albert
foaming at the
Mr. peppermint's hat
And Mr. snuffalufagus
Back when it was ok to believe he was really invisible

It's a Jim Morrison snake dance
And the three stooges last ride

My collective t.v. unconscious
Is an unbeatable bargain
if you call right now

Author bio:

Melanie Browne Is a stay at home mom to 3 wonderfully unique children. Her middle child is autistic and his struggle for words inspires her to create . A former art teacher, she lives in Houston with her wonderful husband Stephen. She has recently discovered a love of poetry. She is inspired by writers and poets and cherishes her personally signed copy of Buckdancer's choice by James Dickey. She recently was a poet of the week on Poetry Superhighway. She can be reached at

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