Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Double Spaced Anger by Dan Provost

Doubled Spaced Anger
by Dan Provost

I estimate I have about 8,200 days left on this banal planet,

Better to walk with the whispers of the hunters still haunting me—those daring accepted who wish to put a bullet into my psyche.

I will still drink and drive and smoke one-hitters while walking down Main Street USA.

Stop me—I dare you.

Pent-up emotions often leave people to hurt, to maim, and to strike out at the serpent.


I want to watch someone explode radically, tell the world to fuck off and carry the work cargo off the docks and dump the remains into the water.

Join the hate race…feel the disillusionment of the hoody walkers with the hairy face and empty pockets.

For one day, one hour, join them—then go back to the rest of your 8000 mornings of coffee and croutons.

If you want.

Author bio:

Dan Provost's fifth chapbook "Weather Woman" has been published by Blood Inkstained Press. He lives in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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