Sunday, March 2, 2008

One polemic by Edwin Young

Papal Irony
By Edwin Young

There is a new irony in America’s religion. We are witnessing a lofty Papal sleight of hand in dealing with the contemporary religious scene. The outrageous venal, carnal, duplicitous, mendacious, and general moral turpitude of the Evangelicals, and affiliated pseudo pious politicians, had completely shifted the focus away from their Catholic ‘brothers in sin’. The Pope and his entourage were able to make a timely step into this opening. Seeming to be, by comparison with the Evangelicals, almost immaculate devotees, they have swept the skulking apostasy of American Christianity out from under its cloud of shame and demoralization. While presidential candidates are being grilled on theological technicalities of dogma by shaken pious flocks, the gala celebrations of the Papacy are imbuing the motley flocks with a ‘mirage’ of holiness and righteousness. Oh, what a majestic display of vestmental plumage and golden, syrupy oratory ensconced within grandiloquent facades can do to transform our scandalized politicians, clergy, and even nation of discredited believers, into having an appearance of unblemished, genial holiness.

Author bio:

Edwin Young is working on a book tentatively called, "Can There Be a Paradigm Shift in Psychotherapy?" Links to some of his essays can be found at The Natural Systems Institute.

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