Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Five visual art pieces by Lisa Albinger


Counterfeit Life


Oh Fushia

Tea Time


Artist bio:

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Lisa Albinger received her BFA in 1999 and immediately began showing in galleries. Her art depicts women in earthy, quirky settings, sometimes appearing as trees and receiving guidance from a Rabbit guide. Her art lives in collections around the world, as in those of Tori Amos, Robert Smith of the Cure, and Robert Weiner, publisher for Stephen King. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she draws inspiration from the green grass and cloudy sky. Her website is:


In 2001 I discovered my own unique painting technique of using cotton swabs and paper towel to create my oil paintings. This brought me closer to my canvas, thus the creation process could be much more intimate. Since I don’t plan out the paintings, I approach the canvas with a clear mind and let whatever image take form. With collage I incorporate actual items from my life, adhere them on canvas, and paint my story. Collage pieces range from playing cards to boxer shorts to flowers from Paul McCartney’s dressing room, so anything’s possible. My most recent work is inspired by the Circus and all things related. I currently live in the home of one of the smallest Munchkins from Wizard of Oz. He was in the circus for 20 years.

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