Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three themed poems by Michael Frissore

Three poems
by Michael Frissore
Theme: Felines


I Love the Kitty

I love the kitty and the kitty loves me
We live together quite happily
I don’t need no one, for I am free
Free to love my kitty, and my kitty loves me


Kitty Loves Me Do

My kitty loves me and she doesn’t love you
We go to the park and we go to the zoo
She teaches me to square dance and in fighting kung-fu
I take care of her when she’s sick with the flu
We’re got his and hers T-shirts and matching tattoos
She uses her litter and I use the loo
We watch Garfield and Heathcliff and Winnie the Pooh
I love my pretty kitty and she loves me too


Pretty Kitty

There is no one I love so much as my kitty
She puts on dresses that make her look pretty
I try to wear them, but they don’t fitty
We love to play music and sing little ditties
By Men Without Hats and Scritti Politti
She don’t eat 9-Lives or Kibbles ‘n Bity
I always give her fresh kitty litty
We bought a house and moved to the city
Where we will live forever with our little kitty kiddies

Author bio:

Michael Frissore’s prose is forthcoming in print in Monkeybicycle, and online at Flak Magazine and LitBits. His short fiction appears online at Blood Orange Review, Antithesis Common, Cricket Online Review, The Flask Review, and elsewhere. He is a staff writer at The WRIToracle and a contributor at Undress Me Robot. Mike grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife.

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