Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three themed poems by David LaBounty

Three poems
by David LaBounty
Theme: Commuting

A Poem About Coffee and Pretension

starbucks in my hand

public radio in my ear

and the seat is cloth

and not leather

and a crack runs

across the windshield

just this close to shattering

and my truck

springs and body

sagging and rusting

and I realize my ass

may be ripe but

it is far


from soft.


Traffic, Blood, Work

some say

do unto others

some say

an eye for an eye

some say God

is just and exacting

some say

God is love

and none of

it rings true

as you

drive to work

listening to

the radio

full of pop

and talk

and ads

for hair

care products

and cars


you realize

you're just

a drop in

a bucket

of blood

and sweat

or maybe

just a link

in a chain

of ants and


or maybe

cattle, just


to be slaughtered.


The World is Indeed, Crowded and Small

a lack of interest

tells me there

are more

writers than


and this morning's

drive to work

full of

horns blaring

and fingers


tells me

there are more

actors than

stages or screens.

Author bio:

David LaBounty lives in Michigan with his wife and two young sons. His poems have appeared in several print and online journals including Thieves Jargon, Zygote in my Coffee, Word Riot, Dogmatika and Unlikely 2.0. He is the author of two novels, The Trinity and The Perfect Revolution. He is nearing completion of his third novel tentatively titled Affluenza; it's about debt, pyromania, sexual addiction, vanity and consumerism told through the financial rise and fall of an insurance executive.

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