Thursday, March 20, 2008

Four poems by Felino Soriano

Four poems
by Felino Soriano

Contrary Perspectives

Because I find "forever"
theoretical, speculatory
exercises widely
within the mandatory width
traveling the imagination
of my mind's slanted organization.
Trusting a term
dissects itself, splaying
skin into a reveal
of altered, fractured features.
Forever is not a circumference
circled reality,
a choice to bewilder believing psyches,
the silent whose culture educates
from burgeon to the denuded aspect of
unclothed thought,
making those aware of
the ceaseless entity
that exists within the culture
of popular estimation.



Elsewhere, as in devoid of the mind's
reality, the bodies of beings who
represent avid anti-illumination,
the conceptually similar to nonchalance,
Appearance is structural, based
upon advanced light, shadows,
enhanced economical magic,
illusional diversity sustains
sanctified newness.
Regardless of opinion,
assumption, developed thought
regarding an individual's purpose
devoted to personalized identity—
ideologized mentalities arc toward
necessities of proving motivated


An Intertwining of Want and Unveil

The revealed is contextual
in regards to the mind's willingness
to unravel against its own prejudices,
preconceived notions, native languages
learned from observing reflectional
taught in planting dispositions,
and the agreeable is unwilling
to think their way from beginning
to end from the maze of curiosity's
pathological yearn.


Categorized Faith

Amid the required destinations of
the blind ability to fathom darkness
and sanctified shape within its bodiless body,
companionship for the mind to ascertain
invisible autumns leading toward
escaping years of tumultuous time.
Said of faith
the mind is delirious,
delusional, cannot recognize experimental
used to delineate reality
from existential tangibility.
As though the intellect intensifies
thought processes
only for lighted paths to crawl
atop thorn infused levitation.
Faith is often intertwined solely
religious reflections,
yet in the paradox of crawling
through holes large enough to create
problematic closure, the philosophy
of faith can inherit within the mind
solution of
ensuing opening.

Author bio:

Felino Soriano, from California, is a case manager working with developmentally disabled adults, and philosophy student. He is the author of a chapbook entitled "Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes" published by Trainwreck Press, 2008. His poetry appears at HIDINGKAYAK, Baker's Dozen, The Indie Underground, Static Movement, Unfettered Verse, and elsewhere. Visit Felino Soriano for more information.

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