Monday, December 10, 2007

Poetry by Robert Tiffin

Three poems
by Robert Tiffin

Handcuffs and Mustaches

On a porch
in Granville, Vermont
we listen to cars and trucks pass
while we wait for tomorrow.

To hear a car coming
from five miles away
is a gift.

To listen to the same car
five miles after it passes
is a miracle.

It never gets cold on such nights.


summers off

so little money
for such an important man
his mother tells him

he loves
shaping them.
young minds.
young hearts.
he is important.

they draw
funny pictures
of him sitting on a cat
and sometimes
lock him out
of his classroom.

maria boils him
one egg
and some noodles
she paid a quarter for.

even smiles when she
rubs his yellow feet.
if only she would
dot her i's with hearts.


thin air

she likes to play
at the tops
of mountains.

so does he.

Author bio:

Robert Tiffin is a twenty four year-old filmmaker and writer currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. His first feature length film, Downtime, was recently released on DVD after two long years in production. Robert tries to fill his life with writing anything and everything, but some days finds himself delivering shirts and duffel bags to businesses around Atlanta.

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