Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poetry by Joseph Veronneau

Three poems
by Joseph Veronneau


On my work break
I sat in my car
preferring solitude over disgruntled faces
tossed on music
ate my chips
let the crumbs lay on my dirty work hands
on my pants already dirt-stained
had a dream
that I had died
was sitting out
in the middle of a nothing yard
saw a light on
in a second floor window
wanted to walk up to it
but then I heard silence
remembered I was dead
the cd had ejected and I heard
the program on the radio
talking about new beginnings
starting after dreams of passing on
realized it was time to go back
hit the shelves again hard
stocking up on items
for the dying and suffering
to make them comfortable
urinals stethoscopes
and catheters
not all things
can convert to comfort


No Submission

I stepped on the spliff
when it was well burnt out
it re-lit itself
I stepped down on it again.
The fire reincarnated itself once more,
I turned and stomped furiously
until ashes sparked onto my sneaker tops
and left black-grey residue.
It stayed out
until I stepped back inside
and whipped the door open;
it faded back out like headlights.


True Love

I once fell in love
with a stethoscope.
It always listened to my heart
even when I was in foul moods
One time I overdosed--
thank god for adrenaline shots.
It brought us closer,
let us know how impermanent life is.

Author bio:

Joseph Veronneau resides in Burlington, Vermont. He's been writing for the small press since 1998, and runs Scintillating Publications. Recent works have appeared in Madswirl, Hecale and Locust. Other works are upcoming in The Smoking Poet, Ghoti, Motherkisser and others.

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