Sunday, October 28, 2007

One political poem by Ernest Williamson

The Infinity of Metaphors
Touching The Civil Rights Movement
by Ernest Williamson

consigned to a post
nailed with no recourse
a vagabond left his setting in Montana
to see me
to beat me
with a lame cry
one echoed
like the lichens in Rhode Island's nape
his hands were pallid and twig like
his face was a road map
of wiggly lines
fervid lines
with heated desires to be seen
to be touched
by other lines of fever
and when he touched me on my head
he wept and torched my brow
with a teething saying of sorry
but alas
I was leaping into another state of being
like a caterpillar anxiously awaiting wings
flickering patterns of color and wonder
I died
in seconds
and I lived again
in seconds
leading to your conjecture
and to my most certain

Author bio:

Ernest Williamson III is a 30 year old polymath who has published poetry and visual art in over 100 online and print journals within a time span of 7 years.His poem "The Jazz of Old Wine" has just been nominated for a Best of the Net award by the editors of "Thick with Conviction". He holds the B.A. and the M.A. in English/Creative Writing/Literature from the University of Memphis. Ernest is now listed in the prestigious Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers. Ernest is an adjunct English Professor at New Jersey City University & Essex County College. Professor Williamson is also a private tutor, a Ph.D. Candidate at Seton Hall University in the field of Higher Education, and a member of The International High IQ Society based in New York City.

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