Sunday, October 28, 2007

Three political poems by Hugh Fox

Three poems
by Hugh Fox


I ain’t done nothing wrong,
motherfucker, black don’t mean
crack, whack, snack, free to
do what? Closin’ down all
the schools, look at me and
red bells ring, know what I
mean? What the fuck do I know
about Sudan or Dakar or
Made in China, suburban versus
burbs, how about legalizing
a little fun, inner city, inner shitty,
whitey, yellowy, so ya die ya



Heavily barbecued beef chunks,
super-baked, Parmesan cheese-
soaked potatoes,
$27 (Salmon),
$30 (Steak),
long-horns over the counter
where the cook hands the food
to the waiters , one Chicano
waiter, portraits of cowboys
on the walls, beards, cowboy
hats out of thd Kansas past,
gold-plated ox-heads on the
not a black face in the place.



They oughta legalize all make-you-
satori drugs, get rid of all the kill-
your-not-your-neighbor parts of all
scriptures, get a lot of tail-gating any-
ball weekends into the Middle East,
move the whole desert-populations
into Amazonas, turn women into men
and men into women so you can
hardly notice the difference, get back
on the hand-plow, hand-hoe farms,
pray to the sungods and moongods,
stargods, airgods, sleep-gods,
Zanex for everyone every night,
make everyone study violin, piccolo,
guitar and have a play-time every
night, encourage kid-concentration,
walk-in-the-park-concentration, you
feel killerish, get out the basketball,
thank God for the


Author bio:

Hugh Fox's biggest archaeological book will be coming out from WorldAudience in January of 2008: Rediscovering America, and later in 2008 will be publishing his collected poetry (700 pages) and a volume of short fiction. Higganum Hill Press just published a poetry book, Defiance (nominated for a National Book Award), and Cervana Barva will be bringing out Where Sanity Begins (poetry) in 2008. Fox's written-in-Portuguese (in Brazil) volume Finalmente/ Finally was just published by Solo Press. Originally from Chicago, Fox has his Ph.D. from the U. of Illinois and taught for ten years at Loyola-Marymount in Los Angeles, for decades (up to retirement) at Michigan State. He also was a Fulbright Professor at the U. of Hermosillo in Mexico, at the Instituto Pedagogico and the Catholic University in Caracas (2 years), and at the University of Santa Catarina in Brazil (2 years). He also studied for a year at the University of Buenos Aires and spent a year in the Atacama Desert on a grant as an archaeologist after a couple of his books on his archaeological discoveries had been published.

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