Sunday, October 28, 2007

One political poem by Serena Spinello

Moribund Monarch
By Serena Spinello

Cold meat veiled in cinders of morality,
orifices regurgitating deceit.
Imprudent mouth, reverberating motives of retribution.
That’s where I reside;
scampering between cavities, seducing fillings and tantalizing plaque.
Each hour I pleasure your molars again
for the first time.
I rest my head upon your gills and watch you deploy pathetic tactics.
The cryptic tongue licks my wounds,
then hangs me out to dry
next to our worn flag.
I hurl propaganda and amendments at your rotting gums.
The sand which you make them march upon forms a trap-
now you’re stuck like the rest of us.
Where did you go?
Reposing in Texas;
golfing on land erected from lies.
The oil you bathe in can’t not cleanse a sullied soul.
Corruption arouses me so I stay.
Hear the divine music;
your glands carping ethereal hymns to your defeat.
Incisors parody your pathetic plight.
Upon your chops I stand high-
shredding my cloak of conformity to broadcast my splendor for all to see.
then I’ll bed your saliva as you assess your cognizance.

Author bio:

Serena Spinello is 26 years old and lives in New York. Her poetry has been featured in Cause and Effect, Conceit Magazine, Sien en Werden, Ceremony, Mississippi Crow, Lachryma :Modern Songs of Lament, Children Churches & Daddies, The Centrifugal Eye and Pawn. Serena can be contacted via email at or

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