Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Old Age by Ronnog Seaburg

Old Age
by Ronnog Seaburg

Old age like a tiger
ripping at your skin
to set your mind free.
We kneel of course.
If old age has such force
what strength birth should be
or the full length of life
and the whole earth!
The old silent movies run
from rusty projectors.
The spiderwebs the spiders spun
on spider spindles
food and fun.

Author bio:

Ronnog Seaberg was a Swedish and Ameican writer and performance artist. She was born in Sweden and graduated from Uppsala University. She published a number of prose and poetry volumes in Swedish in Sweden and lived in the US since 1959. Her published work includes a lot of cultural journalism, art catalogues, speeches, novels, short stories and poetry. She was a founding member of Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry which performed at theatres, art places and poetry stages. The group performed extensively in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lived, but also in Chicago, New York, Toronto, LA, and Tulsa. The groups additionally performed in Berlin, Sweden, and Denmark. For more details, see

Ronnog Seaburg died on October 17th at the age of 75. "Old Age" was her last poem, written on October 15th, 2007.

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