Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fiction by John Weagly

Score for a Skeleton
By John Weagly

Femur Marrow and Skully McBones danced hand in hand by the midnight moonlight.

“Do you love me?” Femur asked as they twirled.

“Don’t ask me that.”

“I love you,” she said, pressing her ribcage to his. She gave him a rictus grin. “Do you love me?”

The wind crooned through the trees. Skully stopped dancing. He couldn’t make his eye sockets meet hers. He released Femur’s phalanges. Having nothing to say, Skully rattled off into the darkness.

Femur cried, but without tear ducts, no tears came.

It was a tough break-up.

Author bio:

John Weagly is a two time Derringer Award nominee with over 25 plays produced by theaters across the country and over 50 short stories and poems published in a variety of mediums. His fiction has appeared in such publications as “Plots With Guns,” “Hardluck Stories,” “Blue Murder,” “Crimespree,” “Bullet,” “Demolition,” “Down These Dark Streets” and “Book of Dead Things.” He was the co-editor for the anthology TALES FROM THE RED LION. THE UNDERTOW OF SMALL TOWN DREAMS, a collection of his short stories, is available from Twilight Tales Publications. For more information about John, check out his website at

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