Sunday, July 8, 2007

Poetry by Felino Soriano

Three poems
by Felino Soriano

Imagination Conjures Specialized Gifts

Imagination lifts the human existence higher,
delegating other bodily features
to become simultaneous disciplines, moving in
meandering, harmonized diversity.

Language alone leads the lesser of paid attention—
muted tones of severed tongues, whose gradual
use of magical hands expand into mathematical
whirls of twirling dragonflies.

Symptoms glorifying overwhelming squints
slipping past passive displays
becoming contextual in fashioned gifts.
Unique imaginary
timelines outline the contoured species of
imaginations, conducting countering
realistic monotony,
monetary waste ending saved
fanatic enthusiasm.


Layers of Emotional Makeup

Emotional content continually changes.
Aftermath of spiraling sadness, the awakened
within a lying dormant becomes emboldened by
necessary animation.
Cognitive abilities arrange in diligence, a specified
understanding toward ascertaining acclimation of
proprioceptions found within the existing foundational

Conversions form myriad secluded sections,
where the mind finds ornamental considerations,
preselected for the poignant to facilitate change,
revolve into multilayered emotional substance.


The Variant Will Become Verified

Variations invent newness, allowing construction of
valuable intellectual understanding, by way of
genesis putting forth abstraction for minds to
Clear paths pull minds into understanding,
glorification is not needed for newness
to be a fully formulated and developed species.

The variant has been translated,
molded by way of seek and succeed.
Modifications through evolutional degrees,
through metaphorical shavings shall adhere to natural
progression, until transformations shall reveal
the variant has arrived into its own original form.

Author bio:

Felino Soriano lives in California where he is employed as a behavioral assistant; he is also currently studying philosophy, a concept of creativity for his poems. Through his occupation, he is able to counsel, create goals with, care for, and learn from developmentally disabled adults. He enjoys listening to classic and avant-garde jazz while writing his poetry. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several journals such as Black Mail Press, La FenĂȘtre, Kritya, Ken*Again, Pen Himalaya, Above Ground Testing, among others.

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