Saturday, July 14, 2007


Okay, so it's blindingly clear that Democratic politicians are just neo-cons in flimsy disguise. Or at least most of them are - there are some decent ones sprinkled throughout the party, such as Rep. John Lewis, Sentator Ted Kennedy (okay, okay, so he killed someone - we all make mistakes), Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and a few others. But face it - the majority of Fuckocrats are spineless corporate errand-boys and girls, more concerned for the futures of Exxon than with the future of everyday peons like toi et moi.

But just to be SURE you grasp this very rudimentary point (that Fuckocrats are cravenly creeps who fellate Big Pharma and do it doggie style with Big Oil), take a few minutes to complete this Phun Kwiz. Return a completed Dumbocrats 2008 Phun Kwiz to and get a Phun Prize!

Please read each question carefully, and select the best answer from the options provided.

1. Barrack Obama is a true progressive:

a) False
b) Absolutely not
c) Nope
d) Hell no
e) Uh uh, Paco
f) All of the above

2. Hillary Clinton is a REAL progressive:

a) True, if by progressive you mean corporate ass-licker
b) False, she is a FAKE progressive
c) True, if by progressive you mean one inch to the left of a fascist
d) Yeah, and I'm Walker, Texas Ranger
e) Progressively annoying, maybe

3. Obama wants to be President of the United States because:

a) He has the Audacity of Hope
b) He wants to be able to exclaim while standing inside the White House, "Look, it's a Reverse Oreo!"
c) He wants to be able to reiterate the empty rhetoric of his book ad nauseum
d) The midwest is boring
e) "President Obama" sounds better than "Uncle Tom"

4. Hillary wants to be President of the United States because:

a) She wants a blow job from Monica Lewinksy
b) She wants to pretend to be for universal healthcare again
c) She wants to sleep in the same bed that Tony Blair shared with Bush
d) She always wanted to be CEO of a corporation
e) She wants to prove that a female president is different from a male president - oh wait, that's right, she can't prove that, because she's not any different

5. This Kwiz is not racist because:

a) I said so
b) It's just not
c) Obama is not a nappy-headed ho
d) The creator of this kwiz refuses to concede to liberal-fascist political correctness BS and simply tells it as it is, race and gender be damned
e) A kwiz can't be racist, silly - only Don Imus can!

6. This Kwiz is not sexist because:

a) It's too sexy to be sexist
b) This kwiz is too sexy for its shirt, or pants, or underwear, even
c) Hillary sux, period
d) It hasn't mentioned the word whore - although it must be noted that Hillary and Obama are cheap sleazy whores
e) A kwiz can't be sexist, silly - only Bill O'Reilly can!

7. A black and/or female president would be awesome, BUT:

a) There are no black people or females running - only white men in disguise
b) We wouldn't want to alienate our good friends Rush Limbaugh and Neal Boortz
c) It's time to give the white men a chance
d) We need to give black people and women the vote first
e) Democracy simply can't take that much equality
f) There is already a black female president, and her name is Condoleeza Rice - oh wait, that's right, she's Donald Rumsfeld in blackface and high heels

8. Dennis Kucinich is the only Democratic Presidential Candidate worth his salt because:

a) He has a hot wife
b) He's a vegan and won't waste important presidential time devouring dead animals
c) He happens to cherish the Constitution, a rather important document the other Democratic candidates haven't gotten wind of yet
d) He's a real card-carrying progressive, not some pansy-ass soft core right wing progressive poseur with his tongue up the anal canals of Big Business
e) His name is not Hillary or Obama

9. This kwiz is not propaganda because:

a) It's the truth
b) It doesn't lie
c) It was written by me
d) It has the monopoly on reality
e) A kwiz can't be propaganda, silly - only Fox News can!

10. Most Democrats:

a) Suck ass
b) Suck balls
c) Suck monkey ass
d) Suck donkey balls
e) Suck all of the above - and they LIKE it!

11. The names of the other Democratic Presidential Candidates are:

a) Huey, Duey, and Louie
b) Sleepy, Sneezy, and Grumpy
c) Greedy, Fakey, and Lamey
d) Robots have names?
d) There are OTHER Democratic Presidential Candidates? I didn't know that since the media only focuses on Barracky Hilbama

12. This Kwiz:

a) Offended me in parts, because I am a politically correct automaton unable to register irony or satire
b) Woke my fat lazy ass up to REALITY
c) Should be required to pass all grades
d) Will never end, thankfully
e) Just ended, sadly


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