Monday, July 9, 2007

Art by Tom Ferguson

Two paintings
by Tom Ferguson

Throw Away World

Charged Image

Author bio:

Tom Ferguson is an Atlanta artist who has exhibited at the High Museum and widely across the southeast, both paintings and political cartoons. Ferguson created all of the copyrighted Clockwise Cat graphic imagery that appear on these pages. His work can be seen at ThinkSpeak.

Tom has just released a CD of 12 songs written and performed by himself, and produced by Jacob Rhodes, The Viking Sessions. The CD is entitled, "Love Law," and is described by the artist thusly: "Lyrically these songs are reflective on the subject of Being, celebrating a paradigm of joy and creativity – alternative to the frightened ego. They diverge, often, into protest mode, mostly exploring power relations and their collateral damage. Musically they are straight-forward, unadorned, guitar-accompanied vocals." The CD can be ordered through this link: Love Law

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