Friday, June 20, 2014


Catatonically speaking, there isn't much to say this go-round cuz my brain is fried from work and play. During the year I toil and during the summer I boil so my cerebral cells are just about cooked right up. Putting this issue together has been fun, as usual - the best part is always searching for and selecting just the right imagery to embellish the precious pieces we publish - but it's also been a chore because Blogger is just not the publishing template/format it could or should be. How many times have I boisterously spewed crude epithets when Blogger misbehaves? Yeah, exactly. 

To that end, we are moving! By the Fall Issue, we should be all set up in our new digs over at Word Press. Ezra Letra has so kindly helped us get established in our new abode, and we are hoping that Word Press proves less frustrating to work with. Time will tell. If we don't like it, we will keep movin' on til we find something that works for us. We will continue to archive all past Clockwise Cat issues at Blogger. If anyone knows how to actually SAVE the issues from Blogger so we will forever have access to them, please let me know. 

Secondly, and even more importantly, the winter issue will be entitled Femmewise Cat, and it will be a female-only affair. Female voices, though more abundantly represented in recent years than in past, are still pathetically underrepresented in the publishing domains of verse, reviews, and invective (not to mention short stories and novels). This is unacceptable. Sure, most of us can enumerate a litany of femme scribes off the top of our heads, but the patriarchy still pervades in literati. I aim to remedy that in my own humble way by devoting the winter issue to female writers, and thereafter actively seeking female voices to dominate Clockwise Cat's lustrous pages. I love the male voices we publish, but the balance has too long been disproportionate toward them. This will change in 2015, rest assured. Men will still be allowed, of course, but women will RULE -  cuz, after all, we do. 

And, finally, I gots a new chappy! It's my first one, and though slender, the poems within will subvert your universe! Clockwise Felino Soriano, our resident poet who is also interviewed in this issue and last, has graciously reviewed the slim tome. Ch-ch-check it OWT. 

This issue we are proud to feature exciting, mind-altering verse by the inimitable Sheila E. Murphy - and as always, our pages are populated by some truly brilliant scribes. 

May your summer days be linguistically lush! 

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