Sunday, April 24, 2011

I have outgrown your artificial limitations by Martin Freebase

Your logical extensions
I see past your lies
You claim the ownership
Of all factual knowledge
And ignore the systematized analysis
Born on a bad day
Tucked beneath a scream
Your wire-framed perfectionism
Coffin nails and butcher knives
The edges of forgiveness
Is beyond your reach
On the edge of the coffee table
Next to razor and mirror
Your reflection is a smear
Mixed with your tears
You are a fucking flat line
No more beeps
To entertain us
You want me to love
To always be there for you
Even when you know
I am the chill in your bones
The crawling up your spine
A venomous bite to the back of your neck
I am the madness that grips you
When you are alone

Author bio:

Martin Leonard Freebase lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, daughter, and a black and white cat named “Daisy.” Martin’s work is solidly based on the concept of poetry as a social construction. Through our interactions with others, we create and recreate meanings that allow us to make sense out of a chaotic world full of contradictions. Martin considers the art of writing poetry as one small way of collapsing the confusion of experience into more meaningful patterns of social thought. You can find more of Martin’s thoughts at: Martin Freebase.

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Congrats on this one, Glen.