Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here It Comes Again by James Babbs

Here It Comes Again

using the back door
the front was always locked
walking through the laundry room
before entering the kitchen
tomatoes on the table
ripening slowly near the window and
my room upstairs
where I watched TV
after school
the closet
where I put together
the makeshift desk and
started writing
far away places
coming closer and
dreams not attached to
metal hangers
but free to float in the wind
listening to voices
coming through the window
but never seeing anyone
when I got up and
looked outside

Author bio:

James Babbs is not a real writer but he plays one on TV. He works for the government but doesn’t like to talk about it. He likes getting drunk and writing because both of them can be very intoxicating. James thinks poets should be treated more like rock stars and have swarms of beautiful groupies chasing them wherever they go. His books are available from X Libris, Lulu, Interior Noise Press.

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