Friday, February 19, 2010

Two poems by Changming Yuan

Two poems
by Changming Yuan

The Mouse, A Mouse

if the little mouse became
as boundless as the sky as it wishes

the sky would become
as free as a cloud

the cloud
as powerful as a wind

and if the wind became
as unshakable as a wall

the wall would become
as penetrating as a mouse

and the little mouse
a mouse


Horizontal Poetry

the bell rings aloud
when no wind blows

the bird flies afar
when it remains still

the sky is filled up
when there is no cloud

the word is heard
when it lacks a voice

nothing is swarming
when roads are everywhere

nothing is swarming
into this presence

Author bio:

Changming Yuan grew up in rural China, authored three books before moving to Canada, and currently teaches writing in Vancouver. Yuan's poetry has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Barrow Street, Cannadian Literature, London Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review and more than 150 other literary publications worldwide.Yuan's first collection 'Chansons of a Chinaman' is due out via Leaf Garden Press in September 2009.

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