Friday, February 19, 2010

My Dear Mother (Fiction) by Devin Drover

My Dear Mother
by Devin Drover

She screams, oblivious to the power of words. Her face red in anger while my face drowns in tears. She doesn't see things the way I do, her uncivilized social methods leaves me speechless and fixed with mixed emotions – anger, angst and anxiety. I'm never sure what runs through her mind, but it seems to be a marathon for illogical thoughts. I try to cleanse her ignorance, but our communication is barbarous and irrelevant as the words I wish to say never make it out of my mouth. Instead, my words are jumbled and screamed, turning me into a person exactly like her. I guess she'll never know the pain that she causes. I guess she'll never know.

Author bio:

Devin Drover is a relatively new author, editor and poet from Newfoundland, Canada. Writing with passion throughout many genres, he is the editor for the annual print anthology NewFoundSpecFic and the lead editor for the upcoming anthology [Word]: A Journal of Canadian Poetry. In addition to compiling material for his debut prose collection, his short fiction has previously appeared in publications such as NewFoundSpecFic and Everyday Weirdness, while set to appear in publications such as RPM, Full of Crow and Shoots & Vines. Overall, Devin holds huge plans to continue writing and publishing for years to come.

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