Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 by Brittany Durk

by Brittany Durk

So, I googled you today...
we haven't spoken in
no, 6
4 words in front of me
chiseled in granite
“his 2 baby daughters,”
and 1 word
floating in air
not written, but alive, breathing
“happy,” in italics

I read your poem today
something about
“cologne on his crotch”
pretty good, I guess
only a stutter or 2...
your inspiration must be proud
(said with irony)
my stomach hurts

at least now this
has borders, chapters
I thought my barrenness
had a
an unfinished...
thought, perhaps
but 4 shadows loom
him, her, her
and her
chiseled in granite
and 1 word,
now in bold
I can sleep for
20 years (happy for you!)
look me up
to find
4 words
of my own
or maybe you'll have
too many graduations
and weddings and
college tuitions to pay for
and 4 shadows
to write poetry about.

Author bio:

Brittany Durk is a writer turned chef turned sports coach cycling back to writer. She just finished a novel and is working on getting it published. It is a pithy and sarcastic semi -autobiographical epic. She is currently working on a number of short stories, dealing in hilarity based on reality.

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