Saturday, July 26, 2008

One review by Colette Jonopulos

Dogzplot: Virtually Erratic
by Colette Jonopulos

When the editors of Dogzplot say their lit journal’s content is “erratic,” they mean it. Erratic allows for short prose pieces, longer pieces, poetry, rants, visual art—whatever the writer/artist needs to put down in words or paint. There are no limits, no boundaries. If your Queen eats quesadillas in extra spicy pico de gallo sauce, she’s welcome here. If you’re theophobic (and aren’t we all just a little?) this is the place for you. Art in its abstractions, photography in shades of gray, poetry, flashes of fiction, and longer works can be devoured like expensive dark chocolate on one of the net’s more progressive literary sites. Visit Barry and Jamie and Peter in their erratic world of literature and art: Dogzplot. You will find them eating pizza and drinking beer while reading over submissions and commenting on your sketches in the back room of their collective imagination.

Editor's note: Review submitted by Peter Schwartz:

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