Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two poems by Ralph Michael Chiaia

Two poems
by Ralph Michael Chiaia

Waiting to Shower


Ginsburg on Dali

popped a shot

santaliquido the prophet

the poet

the pesticide

an aura-splice to heaven

or aerospace to hell

staircase spiral to taco bell



Hold on, Johnny,

said the rabbit

No need to drive that fast

ya nearly pulled the cotton


from my ass


Yo guys! grab your balls!

it's bocce time

little yellow ball

getting knocked around

like an alcoholic boxer.


The water stops rushing

it's my turn to get in.

Glad I let my mind meander

and didn't start jerkin' it.


Closing Time

it's like a curtain closing,
all wrinkles, red, and slightly uneven
you see feet running around underneath.
it's like an electric eye closing
like maniacal laughter
like the smell of ammonia as the bartender mops
it's like being too tired to sleep
you lounge, a pretty French girl peers at you
her eyes grapes hanging from a tree.
you lounge, a young Korean girl you are fucking
sits across from you while her best friend
lays across your chest.
that smell is getting too strong. you tap her:
get up, finish off your vodka.
it's closing time.
you knew that. the ice rings in the empty glass!

Author bio:

Fatwas have been issued. Dossiers have been compiled. Still RMC (aka Mohammad RMC, the Punjabi RMC, Parliament/Ralphadelic) looms. Wanna join the revolution? Then contact him and his compadres at where you can purchase Chiaia's new chapbook from Coatlism Press.

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