Monday, July 21, 2008

One poem by Joseph Di Lella

News Flash!
by Joseph Di Lella

This just in –

Rocky and Bullwinkle in a scrape,

a terrible, frightening sight?! Oh my!

Witnesses report

big dumb looking squirrel and flying moose,

no, make that

flying squirrel and idiot elk

seen overhead, running back and forth on the wings of a turboprop

wrestling with Boris and Natasha

USA’s Cold War

Public Enemies Number One and Number Two.

What’s that, Fred? Our man at the site

tells me they’re fighting over a simple hat, called what?

The Kirwood Derby?

Oh – that hat?

The one, if properly worn upon one’s head, turns any nincompoop into a genius?

Truth be told, my fellow Americans,

The Kirwood Derby was named after the debonair television personality, Derwood Kirby,

a man who mocked the fearless duo on air countless times before, he, too,

was forced to fight the lampoon battle of his life.

I ask you, Mr. and Mrs. America,

how could anyone debase cartoonish figures

who give their all to protect our national interests?

Can you think of better role models,

for young boys and girls,

to follow? The hint, the whisper, the inkling of Communism,

and the omnipresence of the McCarthy Hearings,

defamed, injured and destroyed the lives and careers

of beloved movies stars,

celebrated artists,

well-respected authors and writers.

I ask one simple question? Who protected them?

Though a few years removed from such Capitol proceedings

and public lynchings,

this cute little peanut eater and bumbling, distant cousin of the kangaroo

continue their journey

on the accidental trails

of liberty, justice and truth

combating villains galore, weekly, with a never-say-die attitude.

I know my hat, if I had one, would be off

in honor of this dynamic duo

who continually save each and every one of us

from totalitarianism and global domination

of countries near and far.

This is Joseph Smith,

ace reporter, signing off.

Proud to be a Rocky and Bullwinkle supporter

and not a political prisoner

in a Siberian gulag half a continent away

. . . without a television in sight.

Author bio:

Joseph is an Assistant Professor who teaches Bilingual Education and Reading in a state college in New Mexico. He writes fiction and poetry in his spare time. His short story, 'Cheating Destiny' was an 'Alternate Selection' for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Vol. 10) published by Pocket Books (Simon and Schuster). You can find his latest works in current or upcoming e-zines such as The Lorelei Signal, The Battered Suitcase, Alienskin Magazine, and of course his favorite publication -- Clockwise Cat.

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