Monday, July 21, 2008

Five poems by Damion Hamilton

Five poems
by Damion Hamilton

Dark empty room

When nerves of
The hands and feet ache
You long for the dark
Empty room
When the bright lights
Stuns the eyes
You long for the dark
Empty room
When the faces and voices
Become too much
You long for the dark
Empty room
When the jokes and opinions
Are bad
You long for the dark empty room
When it’s dark and raining at rush hour
And traffic is jammed,
You long for the dark empty room
Driving home in the middle of a snow
Storm, and some idiot is on your bumper,
You long for the dark empty room
When voices of those in the supermarkets
Are too shrill,
You long for the dark empty room
After this
A kinder, much sweeter place


Faking it

In the world you have
To fake it,
To be social,
To work with the others
You have to fake it
Put on a false smile
When you don’t want to
In this world, working
Towards a common goal
You have to be good natured
When you don’t want to be
And would rather be somewhere else
Instead of smiling and laughing
With the others—
That’s how people earn a living,
How the world makes a living,
Were morality comes from,
It’s how the business man does it
And the shop owners too,
In business you can be truthful,
Show your true emotions,
When you make a living,
How terrible it would be
If people did what they wanted
At work, and said what wanted to
Nothing would ever get done,
In this world, you have to fake it


The weekend

The people work all week,
Forty hours and more,
Than Friday evenings come,
And the traffic comes,
And the bars, and the discos
Become very crowded,
There will be fights, stabbings,
Shootings, car accidents,
People will go to jail,
Loud music will be everywhere
This is what people wait for
It’s only a few hours,
People will fuck,
Shit will get crazy
Only the young will out there
And I will sleep through mostly,
High on Valium or antidepressants
Or alcohol,
As Monday morning will be there
Before I can blink
People down at the job hate Monday mornings
And I don’t know why
My body has healed from the weekly battle,
It’s the other mornings that bother me


Big problem

A big problem of mine
Is not having any confidence
In most things
Even when I should
And this infliction
Gets in the way of
Many things
Like girls, finding a new job,
Doing comedy, giving readings,
Confidence seems to come easy
To a lot of people
Even if it is not warranted
Rock stars seem confident,
Police officers, bosses,
people moving down the street,
The guy riding in his car
With the radio blaring,
These people seem to be
So damned confident
And I just do not get it



Some people drink beer for it
Some people drink whiskey for it
Some people smoke cigarettes for it
Some smoke weed for it
Some take Vicodin for it
Some drink coffee for it
Or take Valium
And antidepressants
For it
And some people think about it
And plan it out
While others just react
And go on instinct
Some don’t need anything
To help their courage
At all
And I like these best

Author bio:

Damion Hamilton is from Saint Louis, MO. He believes poetry should raw and written blood. His articles, poems and stories have appeared online, in newspapers and in books. Just google his name if want to read more of his stuff.

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