Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fight the System by Edwin Young

Fight the System: Cancerous-Spreading-Corpulent-Corporate Swine
by Edwin L. Young, PhD

A friend emailed me this morning to tell me about an ancient Mayan prophecy that predicted the end of this age in 2012 and was accompanied by the prediction that the next age will be "the age of flowers" - flowers being the common translation of the Mayan word for hallucinogenic plants.

I guess I am not much on ancient prophecies. That being said, I told him that I think you have found one that surely does seem to fit our world trends. My friend’s email evoked a thought that had been simmering on the back of my mind for some time.

The spreading corpulent, cancerous, corporate swine has an uncontrollable, irresponsible, voracious appetite. The new mean-green-machine does seem to be offering the corporate world a much-needed competition. This grassroots growth may be no match for a global commercial system that has no conscience, profit being its god, with no other gods before it. Think about how it has metastasized since 1984!

We must recognize that it not the people, the CEOs, heads of state, and the like that are bad. They are shaped by ‘the system’. ‘The system’ is a cancer on their brains. These diseased brains and their shallow, sick, slick, media shills rise up over the globe with their shrill denunciation of their green opponents, such as Gore or candidates like Kucinich and Nader, screaming ‘Socialists! Communists’! They broadcast with booming media megaphones for states to bring out their political police squads and beat their free-enterprise-traitorous, earth-loving antagonists back into dust.

Well, 2012 could be their corpus-corporate death knell because, unbeknownst to them, their ‘system’ disease is self-destructing. Nevertheless, we are responsible for finding ways to inform the populace of this corporate cancer on the earth. We must find political ways to alter this devastatingly careening course of history. May the Mayans be right! In the meantime, we must fight 'the system'.

In closing, may I say that this is one of the reasons I call my system “Natural Systems”. In part, I mean that we must find ways to alter the broken, yet still all too mobile, skeletons of the corporate world and the ossified systems of our institutions so that the new systems can promote rather than destroy the health of humans, societies, and nature.

Concentrate on fighting the system and do not be diverted from this by futilely fighting the people heading it!

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