Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two themed poems by J. Bradley

Two poems
by J. Bradley
Theme: How To

How To Be A Blind Ghost For Your Lover

Find a black throw. Drape it
over your body. Keep
your arms inside at all times.

Begin and end your sentences
with "wooooh." Draw the "o's" out
to illustrate how haunted you are.

Walk around the house. Let
the furniture leave bruises.
Let her mouth find them.


How To Be An Effective Anti-Abortionist (If You’re A Man)

Find a hacksaw. Soak
the teeth in vodka.

Cut off the hand
you call lover.

Dig a broken bottle
into the stump neck first.

Salt the wound
with rented moans.

Author bio:

J. Bradley rages in the shadow of the Mouse. You can find his work in MungBeing Magazine and Word Riot. You can stalk him at

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