Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two themed poems by Michelle Mead

Two poems
by Michelle Mead

The Human Condition
(Based on a painting of the same name by Rene Magritte)

Measured the time

in my heart

and the space

left hanging - a string -

in a form of disgrace

Blackest hole in a ball

at the foot of our plight

carried on still we clasp it

some childish blight

Upon our souls

held tragic in tears

though we gaze

at blue skies

through a canvas of fears

shaken haze

Sand still on our feet

as we welcome the day

on seashores of life

molding morals, we pray.


(Based on a painting of the same name by Rene Magritte)

Flying wings that we wear

clipped in close

with despair

Still we fly in our dreams

and run in our lights

whispering so slow

of aerial delights

Where gold lions

still guard us

and bite at our toes

when lift-off does come

well, nobody knows

So we toss and we turn

in this sickness for home

yet to quench this desire

we continue to roam.

Author bio:

Michelle Mead is 37 and lives in the Hudson Valley in NY. She Co-Edits two local magazines; "Whimsy," a magazine for children for which she writes poetry, book reviews and interviews, and "Artless & Naked," an adult literary magazine. She is currently working on a middle grade novel rewrite and has been previously been published in the literary zine "Songs of Innocence (And Experience)", in various online zines, as well as in her chapbook, "Moongirls and Nightdreams." Her website is: Write Whimsy.


Anonymous said...

great poems keep it up you will be famous soon.

widgeripoo said...

Beautiful poems Michelle.Very spiritual and meaningful. They touched my heart and soul. Just keep being yourself, and let it take you to where you are meant to be. Love Pete

Anne said...

The second one, I think, really captures the feeling of the poem, perfectly.
Good work, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

michelle, these are both exquisite pieces as always. i especially enjoyed the second one; it captured the painting precisely. thank you for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

I love them both. The second is definitely my favorite.

In the Human Condition I really liked the first 4 lines. The timing of the words reminded me of a beating heart, so they all came together very powerfully.

In Homesickness, I felt your words were such a perfect match for the art. You gave the the visual such a strong story that both pieces were better for me because they fit together so perfectly.

I really enjoyed them both Michelle....thank you for sharing with me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,

Your poems are great. They're both written very well. I really enjoyed the second one. I think I relate to it closely. It fits the person I am now and have been.

Love, Cousin Kelly

Ian R. Thorpe said...

Hi Michelle,
I finally got here :-)
How did you know I love surrealists? Apart from my mentioning it frequently at gather etc.
I really enjoyed these.

Christina said...

This is awesome work Michelle! Keep up the good work!