Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Three poems by Sean Bowen

Three poems
by Sean Bowen


The fellas were standing around the fire
each afraid to let the other know
they were in too deep
growing marijuana
shooting guns at empty cans and bottles
sleeping in tents
near the reservation
at the end of the trail
that split aspen woods in two
the woods that hid their garden
the trail they tried covering with leaves
the garden with traps set for vermin
near the stream used for irrigation
where they chopped wood
for the fire




The note
written on a ripped piece of matchbook
so perfectly
placed in the center of the coffee table
read as follows -
Dear, Ricardo Pharoah
can you do me a favor?
my clothes are in the washer,
can you take them out and put them in to dry?
i'd like to try to take a quick nap
wake me at around nine,
so that i might have time
to get ready for work
and walk heady
may you triumph Ricardo Pharoah!



General OF JUNK

Dad to the dose brothers
-"When going out to lament it is necessary to choose
a wise old medicine man, who is quiet and generous,
to help." -Black elk
I could feel it on my face
precisely on the ridges
and in between the skin and bones
nothing was unpleasant
worry was forced to retreat
beaten back
by the chemical army
as it came on
and i thought
it's the experiences
like colors, yes!
it's the experiences
making sure that i understand


Author bio:

Sean Bowen writes under the names yesk and sean chance. He has been published in/by Senseless Offerings Zine, Gloom Cupboard, Madswirl Press, Yellow Mama Press, Throwrag Zine, Conceit Magazine, Type A+B Positive, The Cerebral Catalyst, Scintillating Publications, Zapata Publications, Hecale, Censored Poets, Literary Tonic, Poetic Legacy, Why Vandalism?, Hobson's Choice Zine, The Lotus Reader, and many more since coming on to the small press scene in November of 2007.

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