Thursday, January 3, 2008

One themed painting by Henry Long

Five Witches (Inspired by Matisse)
by Henry Long

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Artist's Statement:

In my art and writing, I am interested in creating an intimate mythology of personal transformation. Always following intuition, sometimes guided by art history and what has come before, (or the rejection of such implanted ideas), I try to keep the work free from too much intention. Most times, I have no idea what it is I’m doing until the work is finished and I have the time to sit and observe and listen to what it is patiently trying to say to me. As an artist and a poet, I believe I can only create half of the finished work. The rest is up to the perceiver. The viewer and reader have to bring to each piece their own connections and ideas, and let the art speak to them individually, using a filter of their own making. My hope is that this procedure brings forth an association between the Personal and the Universal, which can be both healing and transformative in its own right

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