Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One poem by Dan Provost

The Show Must Go On
by Dan Provost

Janet spat vermin at
dirty patrons who threw
3-cent coins at her while
she danced around a pole
of thorns.

Even the blood pouring from her arms
was not enough for this depraved
bunch; who filed into the
strip joint with Pig Masks on
to hide some fragmented identity…

The mice she was spitting bounced off pieces
of blubber rubber Porky Pig faces…while laughter from
the preachers in Dummy Row continued to echo through
a maze of stogie smoke and “girls from Nantucket” jokes.

On fat guy wearing a suit four
times too small hit Janet in the
mouth with his two 3-cent pieces.

His stomach rolled three times as he threw the money on stage
and the jowls under his jaw flapped away as
he smiled while the stripper writhed in pain

When the set ended… the stage was
still bathed in crimson red, sweat,
and covered with small mice that were spewed from
Janet’s mouth.

Failed ammunition that missed poppa
pigs who farted and slapped each
other in the back.

Janet slithered away into a cage
of slaves…a cage she shared with others
who bled for the audience

Another girl locked into tortured character was quickly
announced as the next act

“The show must always go on…” some material head mumbled to himself as Sweet Frieda began her performance of sick libido.

Author bio:

Dan Provost's poetry has been published throughout the small press. He is the author of 4 chapbooks. He likes football, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and observation.

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