Monday, August 20, 2007

Poetry by Daniel S. Irwin

Two poems
by Daniel S. Irwin

Cockeyed Words

Seems the so called
'New wave' in poetry
Has had a
Spreading effect.
Favorite magazines
Now tainted with
Esoteric bullshit.
Cockeyed words
Strung together
That only the writer
Can understand.
That doesn't
Make a poem,
Just a buncha
Cockeyed words
For a buncha
Cockeyed fools.


Things That Matter

There are things that matter
And things that don't mean shit.
The struggle in life is to decide
Which things matter and which don't.
Choices are oftentimes better when,
In hindsight, second guessed. But,
'Do overs' are limited or nonexistent.
So we move along in a time line
Filled with what we hope is right.

Author bio:

Daniel S. Irwin is an artist and writer. He works in a maximum security prison with the criminally insane ... for fun and profit. He has had work published in various US journals and sites, as well as several places abroad.

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