Sunday, August 19, 2007

Art by Jeff Crouch

Knot It Up

Knot Knot 1

Knot the Point 2

Knot the Sign

Knotted Up

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Anonymous said...


Looking at these knots made me feel like I was looking at a snake eating its tale sorta... Kind of a motion displaying the absence of motion. You can go nowhere because of the knot.

And strangely enough, it made me think of the symbol of one of the strongest unions here in Quebec, CSN. Their logo can be seen here:

Striking resemblance. Here, unions are extremely influential and they often betray forces of change. We'd sometimes like to try things differently but it goes against what the union wants so no one is allowed to go against the union's way... We hit a knot all the time!

I just thought it was interesting to make a parallel between the feeling I got from the art and the reality of this strong union...