Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Vagabond's Vision #129

Days disperse
realigning horizontally
with tossed away targets,
fingers hunt for historic contacts
decapitation of several
Sundays through Saturdays,
designing an in memory of
calendar in which to
document delirium,
dramatic beyond
RIP incident pseudo-syndrome.

+ + + + +

Vagabond's Vision #130

Solidarity combed the hair of absence,
reminding silence that habits fill the lungs of
unnatural habitats. This blue morning with
orange streaks of slanting light arrived delicately,
holding only small percentages of dampened leaves,
leftover from night's lengthy storm:
sentiments among a city whose longtime dryness
begged to feel fortunate through the emotional
gift of vigorous sensational saturation.

+ + + + +

Vagabond's Vision #133

Inspiration blanketed materialism
warming eyes, shoving multiple glances
into becoming yearning for newness,
a woman wore many à la mode
man-catching colors, engraved
perfectly still.

Layers, ruler-straight spontaneity in
her the shape hitherto held another
lopsided language describing
morbid declaration explaining
expansion of prior unavailability.

Author bio:

Felino Soriano lives in California where he is employed as a behavioral assistant; he is also currently studying philosophy, a concept of creativity for his poems. Through his occupation, he is able to counsel, create goals with, care for, and learn from developmentally disabled adults. He enjoys listening to classic and avant-garde jazz while writing his poetry. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several online journals such as Blaze VOX, Ann Arbor Review, Ygdrasil, Bewildering Stories, Blue Fifth Review, among others.

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