Sunday, May 20, 2007



While they are returning destroyed
we are writing small poems
or making love.
We don't believe that
they enjoy that.

The wounded parents travel
and we
unwanted babies from suitcases
on the hospital doorstep
write poetry.

Dear quadroplegics,
premies and second chances
your cauldrons are boiling over
of creativity.

Author bio:

Ronnog Seaberg is a Swedish and Ameican writer and performance artist, 74. She was born in Sweden and graduated from Uppsala University. She has published a number of prose and poetry volumes in Swedish in Sweden and lived in the US since 1959. Her published work includes a lot of cultural journalism, art catalogues, speeches, novels, short stories and poetry. Since 1996 she is a founding member of Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry which performs at theatres, art places and poetry stages. The group has performed extensively in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives but also in Chicago, New York, Toronto, LA, and Tulsa. The groups has also performed in Berlin, Sweden, and Denmark. Link:

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