Thursday, May 24, 2007


Sunshine Shellfish

Tick tock tick
"Mossy tree legs," the sunshine said
"I could never," the replied shellfish hinted at

Wonder [the day was] full of surprises and
"Buckskin, I suppose."
Shellfish aren't meant for such things
"Come back my children," the sun to shines
"Else you'll become lost, like human souls."

Without things darken them
But do not try to tell such anecdotes
Their mother,
"Ha ha ha," she would only say

Author bio:

Casey Camp was raised in rural Georgia and was told he could not be an artist because he was not serious enough. This forced him to discover the true meaning of art, but never tell a soul. He was then visited by the ghost of Arshile Gorky who gave him a true calling of love and compassion, demanded that he spread his art throughout the world.

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